Case study: osteoporosis course, Finland

Suomen Luustoliitto (Finnish Osteoporosis Association) trains health and social care professionals to deliver osteoporosis rehabilitation courses.

Case study: osteoporosis course, Finland

What does the programme involve?

Healthcare providers such as physiotherapists are trained to deliver five-session courses for people with osteoporosis to support them with rehabilitation and self-management following a fracture.1 The courses address a range of topics, such as living with osteoporosis, lifestyle factors to support bone health and preventing falls. Activities include educational sessions, exercises and individual goal setting.1 2

Suomen Luustoliitto operates this programme and provides free training for the health and social care professionals who want to deliver the course.1 The Association also provides support for courses across the country, including course materials and online participant information.2 The course is currently available in three Finnish cities, with around 100 people taking part every year.1

What has the programme achieved?

The rehabilitation courses have empowered people with osteoporosis and the healthcare providers who lead them:

  • Most osteoporosis patients who participated reported making changes to their lives to improve their bone health or prevent falls.
  • Many patients feel more confident about the future and more able to function without being limited by osteoporosis.1
  • Attending the course has encouraged many older people with osteoporosis to go out more often and to become more involved in community activities.3
  • Healthcare professionals who have delivered the courses report having improved knowledge and confidence regarding osteoporosis and finding the course easy to deliver.3

What lessons can be learnt from this programme?

People with osteoporosis can experience a range of benefits from educational programmes that help them prevent falls and fractures, and empower them to be more active. When healthcare providers are trained to deliver them, these programmes can be rolled out in communities nationwide.


The information in this case study is based on research conducted for the 2020 publication Osteoporosis and fragility fractures: a policy toolkit.
Date of preparation: October 2020.
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